March 17, 2020

Dear Friends,

The beginning of 2020 has been encouraging as attendance at our services has been up. Many Sundays we have scrambled to find seats for everyone. We are thinking about expanding our meeting room by knocking out a wall, but there are some logistical difficulties we need to work through before we do that.

It is nice to have a full room on Sundays, but more importantly, we know that most Sundays we have unbelievers with us. Please pray that we would see people saved. The sad truth is that over the years at any one time there have been multiple people showing interest in God and the Bible, but most have not trusted Christ as Savior.

This year we have emphasized the importance of praying together for one another and for those we know who are not saved. We now have two mid-week prayer meetings, one for English speakers and one for Thai speakers. Some weeks the turnout has been really good. Other weeks not so much. Please pray for our church to be committed to praying together.


prayer meeting

The first night of the Thai speaking prayer meeting


Each week we pray through a list of unbelievers who come to church regularly, or who we as a church know through English classes or other means. A few on that list I would like to ask you to join us in praying that they would be saved.

Please pray for an older lady I mentioned in our last letter as well. She lives alone and enjoys coming to church to be around our people. She regularly goes to temples and does other things to make merit. She is happy to add God and Christianity to her ways to get good luck, but has not yet shown a desire to seriously know God. However, she had a crisis come into her life recently and several in the church have reached out to her.

One of the young men in our church has a friend who is not a Christian but has often come to church. Recently a mutual friend of theirs died, which has caused this young man to ask some serious questions about God and His goodness. Please pray for this man as well as the member of our church as he tries to be a witness and answer his questions.

There is a college student who has come to church for many months now. He would claim to be a Christian, but we are not sure that he really knows the Lord.

Last November I returned to teaching at the Bible school where I have taught over the years. This term I have taught five young men. This group seems to have a heart for God, and I pray that God will use them in ministry here in Thailand. 

Bible School class small

My Bible School students this term

Because of coronavirus fears our prison ministry has been cancelled indefinitely. For the past year in the prison we have systematically presented the gospel to about 150 people (between the men’s and women’s prison) over a period of three months. Then we get a new group in for another three months. Each session there are a some who seem to be truly interested and a few have expressed faith. Like everyone we pray this virus scare will pass quickly for many reasons. We’d love to return to this ministry as soon as possible.

The kids are working hard to finish up their home school year before the arrival of their baby sister at the end of May. God has given Hannah good health, and everything seems to be normal with the baby so far.

Thanks again for praying for us!

Your Partners for the gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott


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