August 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

Katelyn and Elaine resizeIt is hard to believe it has been nearly three months since Katelyn was born, and I sent our last prayer letter. Time has gone by quickly. But it has been a good three months with many blessings. For starters, Katelyn is doing very well. It definitely helps having teenage siblings to help take care of her! 

On the ministry side we have been blessed too. We have been able to gather together as a church on Sundays since the beginning of June, and attendance has been solid for the most part. Our BMM co-workers, the Beckmans, returned to the States for a six month furlough the last week of June. Our other co-workers, the Abivas, have been in the Philippines since March. They’ve had a tough time as Manila has been on a very strict lockdown nearly the whole time. They would love to return to Thailand, but Thailand has closed its borders. A few foreigners with work permits are finally being allowed to return under heavy and expensive restrictions. But missionaries are not yet allowed in. Please remember the Abivas in your prayers too. All this means that for the foreseeable future we will be here “alone” as far as coworkers are concerned.  However, we have hardly been alone in the work. Many people in the church have stepped up to help in a variety of ministries, including teaching Sunday School, leading the worship and preparing our weekly Sunday meals. That has been a huge blessing and encouragement.

prayer meeting

Passing out church brochures on a hot Sunday afternoon

When our church was able to regather for Sunday worship, a new lady showed up at the services. She had been saved during the Covid lockdown through a variety of things, but mostly the witness of a friend. Her friend lives in another province, but she lives very close to our church and found us online. She has the excitement of a new believer and has been a regular at Sunday worship and Thursday prayer meetings. She was burdened for her younger sister to know the Lord too. And a few weeks ago, she arranged for Hannah and I to meet with her sister.  Her sister made a profession of faith in Christ that day and was at church the following Sunday but not the following two weeks. Hannah set up a weekly Bible study with her and a few other ladies. The other ladies have come, but the sister has missed both studies so far. Please pray her faith would be genuine, that she would show the fruit of a new believer and have a desire to grow in Christ.

The first Sunday of September we are planning a baptism. Lord willing, five people will be baptized: our daughter Autumn, a teenage young man who grew up in a Christian home, the new lady from the neighborhood (mentioned above), another lady who came to Christ a few years ago, and a young man who was saved while at university in England. This young man’s parents are objecting to his baptism. He is planning to go ahead with it. Please pray that he would glorify God in how he handles the situation and that ultimately his parents would come to know Christ too.   

Bible School class small

preparation for baptism class

As always, thank you so much for your prayers.

Your Partners for the gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott


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