These are the prayer requests I sent out on July 8th.


Hello praying friends,

Wednesday is prison ministry day. Three weeks ago, when Hannah's brother, Jason, was here (also a pastor of a supporting church), he was able to go to the prison with us. Jason and I had a good evangelistic conversation with two men. Today I was with those same two men for our English time. One of them started out the time with a question, not about English, but about Christianity - basically asking if he could be both a Christian and a Buddhist. That led to a good conversation (about 30 minutes) that ended with me asking him what was holding him back from really trusting Christ. His answer was that he just wasn't sure if the story and claims of Jesus are true. I suggested that he pray (we had already talked about prayer) that if it is true, God would convince his heart of it. I assured him I would also pray and had been praying for him. After that we went on to our English studies. When it was time to go he said to me, "don't forget." I asked, "Don't forget what?" He said, "To pray for me."

So, that's what I'm asking you to do. I'm not sure where he is in his understanding of the gospel. But, it appears God is working on his heart and he is thinking about things. So please pray for him. His name is Nong. The other guy listening in at both conversations is Jack. You can pray for him too!

This morning I was reading (and praying) in devotion from John 16, how the Spirit will convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. I believe that those exact issues are major hurdles for Buddhist in understanding the gospel. Please join in prayer that the Spirit would do this work in their hearts and that they would realize that only Jesus, not "making merit" could ever solve those problems.