Greetings from the Philippines!

Those of you with an astute eye for detail might by thinking - what? I thought Duane and Hannah served in Thailand.  Yes, that is true.  But it is also true we are in the Philippines.

We've been working in Bangkok with a family from the Philippines for several years now. This family has been back in the Philippines for a few months on a furlough. Their church here is sponsoring a youth camp next week and our friends asked me to be one of the speakers at the camp.  So tomorrow I will preach at his church and then Monday through Thursday evening I will have the opportunity to preach at the camp. Thank you for praying for God's enabling and the Spirit's blessing.

Hannah was able to come with me because Hannah's mom and one of Hannah's nieces volunteered to come to Bangkok and take care of the children while we are away.  So you might pray for them too! We are so thankful for their help.

Lord willing we will return to Bangkok on Friday. Then, the next Monday we will be heading to and evangelistic English camp in Thailand called "LIFE Camp." Hannah and I will both be teaching there.  Hannah's niece will also be teaching a class of children. It's her first experience teaching English. I'm sure she would appreciate your prayers too.

Today  we had the opportunity to visit the American World War Two cemetery in Manila. In it are buried more than 17,000 US soldiers and some Filipinos who died in the Philippines and other areas of the Pacific Theater.  It is a beautifully kept cemetery and I'm glad we got to honor these young me in just a little way by visiting this place. Manila Cemetery Website