Dear Friends,

First, we would like to thank those of you who have prayed for the requests from our last prayer requests email sent out a little more than a month ago and the regular prayer letter after that. The Lord has been answering some of those requests, so we are very grateful to send out this update, most of which will be about prayers that are being answered.

I had mentioned a young man I had been discipling who had turned away from the Lord. This was a real disappointment because he had seemed to be so sincere. He came back to church on Sunday (the first time since the beginning of the year) and I met with him today. I am encouraged as he seems to have taken some significant steps in the right direction. He still needs you prayers though.

I had also mentioned a married couple who had uncharacteristically been gone from church for five or six weeks in a row. They have come back as well and say that it really was just work and health issues that had kept them away. So that is also encouraging.

In our prayer letter I alluded to some other situations in which believers were struggling. In at least one of those situations there seems to be progress as well.

Easter is less than two weeks away. This month in our Sunday services we are trying to focus in on the death and resurrection of Jesus, and particularly we are hoping to make Resurrection Sunday a special and significant day for our church family. Please pray that those who come to our services who have not been saved (we often have some) will not just understand the message, but finally trust in Christ for their salvation.

In Christ,

Duane and Hannah Scott