Hello Friends,

For those of you who asked to receive more regular prayer requests, I would like to relay two requests that have been on our hearts for the past few weeks.

In these short prayer request notes and in our longer update letters for the last two years I have often mentioned a young man who made a profession of faith in the prison. He really studied his Bible for a year or more before his release about six months ago. I've had high hopes for him as he seemed very sincere and met with me regularly for discipleship. Since the new year he has taken a pretty dramatic turn away from the Lord. He has found reasons to not meet with me for the past three or four weeks. Pray that he would be willing to talk with me and that, most of all, the Holy Spirit would bring him to repentance.

Also, there is a married couple who has been coming regularly to our Sunday services for the past five months. They are Christians who seem eager to learn. I believe they were being helped by one of the men in our church who was teaching them in a Sunday School class designed for new believers. But they have not come to our Sunday worship for five weeks in a row. Last week I called them. They said they'd be back last Sunday but weren't. I called again today and they said they would be here this coming Sunday. I asked if there was a time we could get together. He said they get home late every evening and leave very early every morning for work so it is not convenient to meet during the week. I know what he is saying is true. That's what life is like for many in the big city with terrible traffic. We are praying that God would bring them back and God would allow us to be used in their lives.

Thanks again for your prayers for us and for these people.

Your partners for the gospel,


Duane and Hannah Scott