October 3, 2015

Hello All,

A special thank you to all of you who take the time to read and pray for these prayer requests. I know you get a lot of emails - so I'll try to keep it brief.

First, a praise! A few months ago I asked prayer for our co-worker Nattalie Abiva who was having a difficult and dangerous pregnancy. Praise the Lord that a week ago she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. They ended up performing a C-section a few weeks early, but all went well. Thanks for praying for that situation.

I've also mentioned a young who was released from the prison (where he became a believer) a few months ago. He is on parole for a few more months and during that time must live in the province next to Bangkok (about a 40 minute drive away from us). He's currently having some troubles at the place where he has been living with some relatives and needs to find a new place to stay soon. We would love to have him live closer to us, but that can't happen for a few more months. It is certainly a time of testing his faith and sincerity. Thanks for continuing to pray for him.

In August I started teaching again at a small Bible school. Some at this school are hoping to be pastors in the future and so it is a great privilege to have a role in teaching future leaders. However, preparing notes and lectures in Thai is time consuming. It makes the weekly routine much more busy and quite honestly, seems to get in the way of doing other things that would also be valuable and helpful. So please pray for us that we would be able to make the best use of time and follow the Lord's leading in day to day activities.