November 29, 2018

Dear Friends,

In just over two weeks, on March 21st, Lord willing we will be on an airplane headed back to Thailand. Exactly 6 months ago we arrived in the United States for our third furlough. The Lord has given us safe travels for over 20,000 miles and 30 states, often dodging winter weather along the way. We have had a wonderful time and warm fellowship with the churches that so faithfully support and pray for us. Each furlough has been nice, but Hannah and I have commented to each other on multiple occasion how the visits to the churches this time around have been so encouraging. It is obvious that so many in these churches pray for us and stay up to date with what is going on. It encourages us to keep writing these letters! In between Sunday meetings it has been a joy to be able to reconnect with so many other friends, family, and supporters.

Fourth Teens

 Speaking to the Youth Group of Fourth Baptist Church, Minneapolis

We were able to spend Christmas in Denver where most of my family lives. The Lord sent us an early Christmas gift when we got a good report about my Dad’s cancer. Many of you may remember that a year and a half ago my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He underwent many months of heavy chemo treatments, then some radiation after that. Thank the Lord, at the last scan in December no cancer was found. He will continue to have scans every three months for the foreseeable future. His next scan will be at the end of this month. We would appreciate your continued prayers for him.

 Hannah and Hannah small

 There was an unexpected blessing for Hannah in the middle of our February travels. God provided for her to fly from Ohio back to Minneapolis to be there for the birth of her niece, little Hannah, born to Hannah’s sister Gloria and her husband Brendan. (The namesake was a sweet surprise!) She then flew back the next day to rejoin the rest of us on our travels. This was the first time Hannah has been able to be present for any of her sisters’ babies, so this was really special.  


Furlough has provided a time for reflection as we have told many times what God has been doing in the church plant in Thailand. We have talked a lot about both the encouragements and struggles of ministry and the believers there. We have talked a lot about the culture and worldview of the Thai people and the challenges we face in communicating the gospel. In just a few weeks, we will be right back in the middle of all the things we’ve been talking about for the past six months! We are really looking forward to getting back, but we are also a bit nervous. What will these next few years hold in store in terms of the people, triumphs, and trials we will encounter? We don’t know. But we do know God is leading us. We so appreciate your prayers for us as we return to Thailand and get back into the ministry there.


Your Partners for the gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott


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