March 09, 2018 

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December 1, 2017

Dear Friends,

Hannah and I have been in Thailand for more than eleven years. It sounds like a long time, but we feel like we still have so much to learn in finding ways to teach the Bible and explain the gospel in understandable ways. Almost everyone is from a Buddhist background, but they also have varying degrees of education, different learning styles, and ways of thinking. Recently during a Bible study in the home of one of the ladies of our church I was teaching again the basic truths of salvation by grace alone, through faith in Christ alone, apart from works. This time I used the illustration of clothes. God takes off our dirty, sinful clothes in forgiveness and then gives us, as a gift, the clean clothes of His own righteousness. Her eyes lit up and she said, "This is what I'm going to tell my friend tomorrow! She believes in God, but she doesn't understand this. She doesn't understand salvation is a gift." The lady we were having the Bible study with is a believer, but her ability to explain the gospel to others has been unclear. She is very zealous to evangelize. But if that zeal would be combined with correct knowledge, how much better! We really need your prayers for the Spirit's enabling both for our teaching and for the understanding of those who listen.

In our last letter I talked about a new college and young adults group forming at the church. They now have their own Sunday School class led by a Thai couple that recently became members of our church. We have had quite a few students and young adults that have recently moved to the area for studies or work come to our church. The potential for this group is great, but the challenges are also many. Just in the last few months two of the regulars have moved across town for work. Several others have required classes or work on Sundays.  Please pray that God would do a work in these young adults' lives at such a crucial stage in life, making Christ their priority and setting them off on a life-time of spiritual growth and service. 


Youth camp Group from Pinklao Baptist Church

The group came back determined to form a "youth group" at our church to encourage each other. Right now there could be about 15 people in this group. Please pray that the busyness of life and the spiritual warfare that is sure to come will not quench the awakening that we have seen in the young people of the church. A young Thai couple who is newer to our church has agreed to lead this group. 


We know many of you note these prayer requests and pray often for them. So I would like to follow up on a two items from our last letter: I told the story of a young man named "Frame" who made a profession of faith while in the hospital. Unfortunately, he is unable to come to church because of his susceptibility to infection. But I've had several meetings with him trying to help him come to a better understanding of the gospel and to have assurance of what he believes.
I also mentioned a man who went to the LIFE camp (Evangelistic English camp) in May. He told us then that he is not interested in Christianity. However, on the last Sunday before our co-workers, the Beckmans, left for their furlough, he came to church to see them off. He hasn't missed a Sunday since. And he always posts his pictures from the service on Facebook Sunday afternoon! So please pray that God would continue to open his heart to the gospel.


Picture: The Scott family in Denver (missing only my younger brother and my sister-in-law)


Your Partners for the Gospel,

Duane and Hannah


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