June 12, 2019

Dear Friends,

It hardly seems possible that it has now been almost three months since our return to Thailand after our six-and-a-half-month furlough! When there is a lot going on, time flies by.

The first month or so, it seems all our spare time was taken up going to used car lots! Just before our furlough last September we sold the SUV type car we had been driving since first arriving in Thailand. With the money from that sale plus what we had saved, we were able to buy two cars – one a van and the other a small sedan for when we don’t need the whole family along. To find what we were looking for in a van especially, at a price we could afford, was quite difficult. But in the end, we think the Lord provided us with exactly what we needed.

May was another busy month. But it was certainly more enjoyable than car hunting! First, we enjoyed a visit from pastor Jason Andersen and his wife Ami from one of our supporting churches, All Nations Baptist in Minneapolis. A few days after they left, I had the opportunity to fill the pulpit at a church about 5 hours away near the Myanmar border. The following day we took three of our kids to a camp for missionary kids. We are so thankful for the ministry of a couple fellow missionaries who have taken up the cause of ministering to the MK’s by organizing this yearly camp. Then, right after the camp, we were able to host the ten members of the Bob Jones University SE Asia mission team for about four days. They were a blessing to us and our church as they did several outreaches with us. Next Wednesday we will welcome another Bob Jones student, who is also from our home church, Family Baptist in Minneapolis. Please pray the Lord gives her some great opportunities while she does a two-month internship with us.

2019 June prayer letter 1 bju team resized

 The BJU team helping in an English camp at a local elementary school

In the middle of all these things we were able to get right back into the regular ministry activities. Several encouraging things are happening. While we were in the States, the group of college students and singles in our church seems to have become more faithful and involved. Often when I presented the ministry at churches over this past furlough, I mentioned one of those young people, “Gun,” who has expressed interest in ministry. He’s shown a lot of initiative lately in leading worship and taking some teaching responsibilities. This past Sunday our church hosted an inter-church young people’s fellowship. Gun led the event and handled much of the preparations as well. It looks like the door is opening for him to go to a Bible school full time beginning this next August. Pray that we would have clear leading from the Lord if this is indeed God’s will for him at this time.  

2019 June PL 2 resized

Gun leading the worship at the youth meeting


In the past few weeks we have had several visitors at our Sunday services. One lady named May showed up a week ago saying she wanted to study the Bible. Her big question was, “How many weeks do I have to study before I can officially become a Christian?” Of course it isn’t that simple. But we do have a set of 12 lessons covering the overall story of the Bible – from creation to the death and resurrection of Jesus. Hannah began that study with her this past Sunday morning. From Hannah’s talk with her it seems that God is working in her life. Pray that May and her husband (whom we haven’t yet met) would truly come to believe the gospel.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Your Partners for the gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott


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