August 7, 2017

Dear Friends,

Sometimes God uses our just being here, having a presence in the neighborhood, to bring about unexpected results. One example is a lady in her twenties who wanted to learn more about Christianity. So she found a way (we are still not sure how) to contact our co-worker Maam Beckman, who then did several Bible studies with her. A few weeks later she went with a group of college students from our church to a youth camp, where she put her trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior..

This youth camp was encouraging for other reasons too. Six "young people" (college age or older) from our church joined young people from several other churches for a camp. Although the overall attendance at this year's camp was small, as far as our church was concerned it was a very profitable time. Nathan Beckman was the main speaker, and God used his sermons to speak to several in our group. Besides the young lady who was saved, another made the decision to end the relationship with her non-Christian boyfriend. Another young man who has not seemed very responsive to spiritual things (but claimed to be a believer) wanted to talk with us about making real changes in his life. He's been faithful and engaged at church since then. 

Youth Camp website picture

Youth camp Group from Pinklao Baptist Church

The group came back determined to form a "youth group" at our church to encourage each other. Right now there could be about 15 people in this group. Please pray that the busyness of life and the spiritual warfare that is sure to come will not quench the awakening that we have seen in the young people of the church. A young Thai couple who is newer to our church has agreed to lead this group. 


We know many of you note these prayer requests and pray often for them. So I would like to follow up on a two items from our last letter: I told the story of a young man named "Frame" who made a profession of faith while in the hospital. Unfortunately, he is unable to come to church because of his susceptibility to infection. But I've had several meetings with him trying to help him come to a better understanding of the gospel and to have assurance of what he believes.
I also mentioned a man who went to the LIFE camp (Evangelistic English camp) in May. He told us then that he is not interested in Christianity. However, on the last Sunday before our co-workers, the Beckmans, left for their furlough, he came to church to see them off. He hasn't missed a Sunday since. And he always posts his pictures from the service on Facebook Sunday afternoon! So please pray that God would continue to open his heart to the gospel.


Picture: My cousin Michelle, her son Scott, David, Ben and Me (and the really big snake!)

Michelle Scott and snake for website compressedOne of the other highlights of the past few months was a visit from my cousin and her children, the Michelle Leavell family from Boise, Idaho. They were with us for three weeks, and we had a wonderful time. Her children and ours have become great friends. So during our next furlough an Idaho trip will definitely be on the schedule!

After a year's break from teaching at the Bible school, I have begun teaching again. This term I am teaching a course on "The Gospels." What a great class to teach! But being a new class for me it means a lot of prep time. For the last few months I was able to teach one of my Bible school courses in a more informal way to a young man I've mentioned many times in these letters, Gun. Because he now lives on the other side of Bangkok, it was difficult to find a good place to meet. Often he would ride the bus hours each way to come meet me for study. And even though Gun is not at our church any more, he has reached out to two of the young men I mentioned above, and God has used Gun to encourage them. That has been great to see.

In general, our Sunday church attendance has been up, which is encouraging. But we know that most of the believers who come are facing some difficult spiritual struggles. Please pray for us to have wisdom in helping them and for God to have the victory in their lives.

Your Partners for the Gospel,

Duane and Hannah


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