November 26, 2019

Dear Friends,

I am writing this update letter from Minneapolis. When we returned to Thailand from our furlough in March, we didn’t expect to be back so soon. Sadly, Hannah’s brother Karsten went to be with the Lord unexpectedly on November 10th. Hannah left to be with her family just a day after hearing the news, but we assumed it would not be possible for the whole family to return. But through the encouragement and generosity of many, God made it possible for us all to come back to Minnesota for the funeral which was held last Wednesday. We are so thankful we were all able to be here. Please pray for Hannah’s family as they move forward after this heartbreaking change. We will stay through Thanksgiving weekend, returning to Thailand the following Monday.


Hannah and Karsten

Hannah and Karsten in March 2019 just before we returned to Thailand


Upon our return we look forward to the outreach opportunities that come with the Christmas season. We plan to share the Christmas story at a local elementary school, as well as have special events at the prison, with our English students, and with our church people. As in years past the Sunday afternoon before Christmas the church plans to hosts a Christmas party. It is usually the best attended event of the year for our church. As you think of and pray for us during the Christmas season, please pray that God would use these special opportunities to not only sow the seeds of the gospel but also to bring in a harvest.

In October we joined many other churches in participating in an evangelistic English camp known as LIFE camp. We were blessed to have friends of ours from our church in Minneapolis come help teach English at the camp. The Teachout family, who is now in the US Army stationed in South Korea, took their vacation time to come see us. They were a blessing both at the camp and in the days before and after as we spent time with them.

There were five unbelievers that went with our church group to the camp, and we were able to have good gospel conversations with each one. None made a profession of faith, but two college age young ladies seemed to be really considering the truths of the gospel. Please pray for these two young ladies.

Life Camp group 2019A

The LIFE camp group from our Church

Another non-Christian with us at the LIFE camp was an older lady who lives just down the street from the church and shows up at church most Sundays. She’s heard the gospel many times, yet remains steeped in the mindset of making merit for both herself and her ancestors by giving offerings at numerous temples. Please pray for a breakthrough in her understanding that can only be accomplished by the Spirit of God.

And last, but definitely NOT least, I’ll close with some important family news. Hannah is expecting our fifth near the end of May. Yes, you read that right! Benjamin is especially excited about being a big brother. We all are excited. Of course, your prayers are appreciated for the health of Hannah and the baby.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Your Partners for the gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott


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