September 19, 2019

Dear Friends,  

For our Sunday services, our missionary team has decided to begin teaching through the book of Romans. I’ve had the privilege of preaching through chapters 2 and 3, which we should finish up this Sunday. There are so many foundational and profound gospel truths in Romans in which we believers rejoice, yet those truths confront and contradict the default thinking of humanity – in particular the mindset of a person steeped in a Buddhist environment.  

On two occasions recently I was reminded of the absolute need for the Spirit to help us communicate and to open hearts to these truths. Last week after the service Hannah and I talked to a lady who claimed to have recently become a Christian and was even baptized in another church. She has been attending our services for the past couple months and has heard nearly every sermon we have preached from the book of Romans. Yet still she is depending on doing good works to make her a good person and to make her a Christian. After nearly an hour’s conversation she just couldn’t seem to grasp the idea of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

A couple weeks before that, a young man who has been coming to our church for the past few months who studied both high school and university in England where he came to know the Lord, made a thoughtful comment to me after one of my sermons. He said something to the effect, “We don’t understand the concept of the justice of God by comparing it to ideas of justice in society. We understand the idea of justice because of the justice of God. You in the west have a concept of justice because you have Christians roots. We don’t have the same ideas or expectations of justice because we don’t have a concept of God.” It was another reminder of just how new so many gospel categories are to Thai people.

We are thankful that many of you pray specifically for the things we mention in these letters in the weeks and months to follow. Here are a few follow up notes from the previous letter. I requested that you pray for Hannah as she studied the Bible with a lady named May. Hannah did meet with her several times and she seemed to understand the gospel. It seems she may be a believer already. However, her work often took her out of town for weeks at a time until eventually she moved out of town permanently. Hannah gave her contact information for a church we know in that area. Pray that the Word will indeed take root and be fruitful.  

We had a great two months with the summer intern mentioned last time, Rosie Zakes. She was a big help to us in many ways and we trust that the experience was profitable for her as well.

Rosie and Mind

Rosie, Hannah, and Elaine visiting a Thai friend and being treated to home made Pad Thai

 Also, Gun, the young man who has shown interest in ministry has begun full time Bible school, thanks to the generosity of some who gave for that very purpose while we were on our furlough.  

Next month (October 14-17) is the annual LIFE Camp, a large evangelistic English camp where dozens of churches join together in the cause. Several unbelievers are planning to go with us. Please pray for open and fruitful gospel conversations with these people. We are excited that friends from our home church, Family Baptist in Minneapolis, who are now serving with the US military in Korea will be joining us for the camp! They will help teach English classes and will spend a bit of time with our family before and after the camp.  

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Your Partners for the gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott


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