August 28, 2018

Dear Friends,

Last Thursday at an in-home Bible study we had a guest, a man about 40 years old. We were told he was coming and that he was interested in the Bible, wanting to learn more. For the Bible lesson I gave a basic gospel presentation. At the end he told us he believed everything I said. I was a bit surprised. Then he continued, “I believe all religions.” The next phrase to come out of his mouth I could have said right along with him. We’ve heard the exact phrase hundreds of times. “All religion is good because it teaches you to be good.” His statement at least opened the opportunity for more conversation. I hope he left with at least the beginning of understanding that salvation through Jesus is not the same as religions based on good works.

In our June prayer letter I asked you all to pray for a team of young people from Fourth Baptist Church in Minneapolis coming to visit us. They had some troubles getting here due to a missed flight, but once they were here we hit the ground running. We tried to work in as much as we could to allow them to see life and ministry in Thailand. They worked hard, doing everything we asked without the slightest complaint. God allowed us to get into three different high schools to practice conversational English and invite the students to church activities, play basketball with local teens, visit a church pastored by a Thai family in a province near the Burmese border, have a game night with the English students at our church, go inside the prison, be involved in our church services for two Sundays, and pass out a couple thousand church brochures and tracts. Praise the Lord, one man who received a brochure has been studying the Bible with our co-worker ever since and came to church for the first time this past Sunday! Thank you to those of you who prayed for the team. 


 One school welcomed the team with posters and a parade!

Among the missionaries and Thai pastors we work with, there has been a lot of talk about the lack of men coming up to fill leadership roles in the churches. Many churches need pastors with very few to be found. Missionaries are hoping to find and develop men for church leadership. But few are having much success. I mention this to ask for your prayers in a general sense. But also to ask you to pray specifically for the men at our church. Currently our church has more men attending regularly than we have had before. Several are involved in Bible studies outside of Sunday services. Some are newer believers, and one who comes regularly is not yet saved.

Our Sunday worship service attendance is more up and down than we would like. But we have had quite a few visitors recently. There were two weeks in August that we had standing room only during the worship time before the kids went upstairs. One of those Sundays was Thai Mother’s Day. Quite a few of our Saturday English students came with their mothers (and some dads too) to sing a song for their mothers. No doubt it was the first time in a church service for several of them.


 Mothers and their children on Thai Mother’s Day 2018

And finally, we wantto let everyone know that we will be coming to the States next week to begin a six and a half-month furlough. We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends and visiting all our supporting churches. Lord willing over the next six months we will see most, if not all of you who read these prayer letters and pray for us.

Your Partners for the gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott


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